IP-User und deren Urheberrechte / Verwaltung dieser

Hab ich unvorsichtigerweise auf wikipedia-l angefangen
heut erstmal nur ein lustiges Zitat aus dem IRC dazu...

<MartinHarper> So anon contributions are still owned by the anonymous people who contributed them?
<Jamesday> Martin, you might also ponder the extent to which an IP address , as a pseudonym, leaves no doubt about the idenitty of hte author.
<MartinHarper> I think it leaves LOTS of doubt. Someone else could have broken into your home and contibuted to Wikipedia.
<aplank> MartinHarper: thats a good way of saying it
<Jamesday> Martin, tha'ts not a very persuasive situation
<fabiform> you might live with other people!

Samstag, 21. Februar 2004, 00:59, von tomk32